4th GEOINT & Open Source Analytics Summit

4th GEOINT & Open Source Analytics Summit

Defense Strategies Institute will host the 4th GEOINT & Open Source Analytics Summit this September 10th & 11th in Washington, DC. The 2019 Summit will address the challenges of integrating emerging technology and commercial expertise into the government GEOINT Enterprise. Register today for the opportunity to participate in senior level discussions, in a collaborative, town-hall forum, with leaders in the geospatial and satellite community.

This educational summit allows the Intelligence Community, US military commands, government agencies, academia, and solution providers the opportunity to have an open dialogue regarding the current and future role of commercial imagery providers and open source technology providers in the growing GEOINT landscape.

With technology ever evolving and the barriers to space access diminishing, the opportunities available to commercial enterprise in the GEOINT world will continue to increase. This rise in companies and expertise allows for multiple new options available to meet demand at greater speed and reduced costs. Along with the new access to space, commercial advancements in machine learning and automation are allowing systems to process more imagery and data at faster rates and with more accuracy. More firms are using these advances to create their own open source GEOINT enterprises that collect large amount of actionable intelligence daily. Combining these new technologies with commercial partnerships will enable a greater understanding of the geospatial world and satisfy growing mission requirements.

The 2019 GEOINT and Open Source Analytics Summit will feature senior level discussions of the latest efforts by government agencies and organizations to engage with commercial partners to enhance the GEOINT Enterprise. With these organizations working together on a common goal instead of producing separate solutions GEOINT technology will be able progress at a faster speed and produce superior intelligence in support of national interests.

Topics to be covered at the Summit:

  • Advancing Analyst Capabilities through Automation, Augmentation, AI and other Emerging Technologies
  • Leveraging Commercial Solutions to Enhance GEOINT Capability and Reduce Cost
  • Applying GEOINT to Deliver Kinetic and Non-Kinectic Targeting Solutions to Commanders Worldwide
  • Creating Trusted Geospatial Intelligence Partnerships in a Rapidly Evolving World
  • Mapping Earth’s Polar Regions
  • Solving the Big Data Challenge in GEOINT

To download the agenda and register for the 2019 Summit please visit: geoint.dsigroup.org. For questions about the event please contact Erica Noreika, enoreika@dsigroup.org or (201) 896-7802.

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