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New Pointly AI Training Service for Efficient Point Cloud Classification

Pointly recently introduced a new AI Training Service to extend their Pointly Service offering. This Service offers you not only automated and customer-specific classifications of point clouds but also tailor-made


NavVis Introduces Cloud Processing for Even Faster Laser Scanning Workflows

From processing to viewing, with NavVis it can now be done entirely in the cloud. NavVis, an innovator in indoor mobile mapping, today introduced the Cloud Processing Add-on for NavVis


LiDAR Sensor to Protect Vital Electrical Utilities

Velodyne and LineVision have signed an agreement to provide sensors to protect electric utilities and help to improve electric utility operations.

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Upcoming Self-Driving Volvo Cars to be Supported by LiDAR for Safety

In collaboration with technology firm Luminar, leading automobile manufacturer Volvo is releasing a new car in a couple of years with cutting-edge perception technology that could finally see self-driving cars on public roads.

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Startup EarthDefine Uses AI for Building Footprint Geocoding

EarthDefine, a provider of high-resolution geospatial spatial data that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze aerial and LIDAR imagery, today announced the release of an updated building footprint database, which


Velodyne LiDAR Announces Three-Year Sales Agreement with Baidu

Velodyne LiDAR, Inc. (Nasdaq: VLDR) today announced a three-year sales agreement with Baidu for its Alpha Prime™ LiDAR sensors. The Alpha Prime LiDAR sensors will be utilized for autonomous applications. Velodyne’s low-cost, high-scale


INTERGEO 2020 DIGITAL, October 13-15, 2020: RIEGL Presents Their New Products 2020

2020 is a very special year – COVID-19 has taught us to think in new dimensions and to work in new spheres. Nevertheless, RIEGL does not want to break with

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What is SLAM Algorithm and Why SLAM Matters?

SLAM or Simultaneous Localization and Mapping is an algorithm that allows device/robot to build its surrounding map and localize its location on the map at the same time.


Pointly – Next Level 3D Point Cloud Classification Tool Launched

Supper & Supper has launched Pointly, the solution enabling accelerated manual 3D point cloud classification using innovative AI techniques.


ZEB Go Launches a New Era for Mobile SLAM

There’s a smarter way to map and understand spaces, and it’s called the ZEB Go. The latest member of the ZEB family has arrived, bringing lower cost SLAM to even more people.