Webinar: Advances in Geodesy and GNSS

Webinar: Advances in Geodesy and GNSS

Webinar on “Advances in Geodesy & GNSS: Opportunities and Challenges for the Surveying Industry”

Wed, 23 Jul 2014 at 1300 – 1400 hour


SSSI NSW are proud to present a webinar on “Advances in Geodesy & GNSS: Opportunities and Challenges for the Surveying Industry”.  Our presenter, Professor Chris Rizos, recently presented a talk on this topic at the 25th FIG Congress held in Malaysia from 16-21 June 2014.  A Report by SSSI President, John Trinder, on the Congress can be found here.



Advances in Geodesy & GNSS: Opportunities and Challenges for the Surveying Industry 

There are crucial developments in geospatial technologies. GPS (Global Positioning System) is evolving, thus blurring the boundaries.  There are evolving constellations, precise positioning is becoming a reality and there is the mass market.  Geodesy is providing new services to help governments, scientists and professionals deliver precise positioning.  Becoming a GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) expert is getting more complicated since PPP (Precise Point Positioning) has become possible.  There are commercial services, as well as free international services using multi-constellation GNSS.  These have implications on the coordinate datum.  GNSS receiver technology is evolving, or you can build your own system for $2000. GNSS+ using other technologies such as Locata is also a possibility.  Advanced ITS (Information Technology Services) applications of precise positioning, such as the Google car, will grow.  What part will surveyors play?  Mapping Technologies are also developing rapidly, with the emergence of low-cost mapping systems, as well aerial (e.g. UAV) and satellite imagery.  Underground detection needs the development of methods.  Surveyors can be sophisticated users of these technologies, bearing always in mind that surveyors have unique coordinate/datum skills.


Chris Rizos

Professor, Geodesy & Navigation, School of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

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