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German DIN Supports Foundations of Datacubes

January 2019 – What is a coverage, after all? This fundamental spatio-temporal data structure, encompassing (among others) datacubes, is widely used, based on adopted and implemented OGC and ISO standards


One Stop Geospatial Search Engine

Contributed By: Note:  Here, URLs mean link of documents, examples, scripts, downloadable geospatial data, geospatial services, tools, templates, web applications and mobile apps etc. which are in PUBLIC domain (i.e. available online). Geospatial


Successful Launch of Formation-Flying Microsatellite Constellation Built by Space Flight Laboratory

TORONTO, Ontario, Canada, 7 January 2019 – Space Flight Laboratory (SFL) announced the successful launch of three formation-flying microsatellites built by SFL under contract to Deep Space Industries for HawkEye