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Karnataka to Implement GIS for Streamlined Construction Cess Collection

The Karnataka state government is set to implement a GIS-based construction cess collection system. It is a strategic move to enhance revenue collection and streamline administrative processes. This initiative aims


Intelpol by IGNESA Recognized for Excellence in Geospatial AI at Indian Icon Awards

IGNESA INDIA SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED, an innovative startup specializing in AI-driven geospatial solutions, has received a significant accolade at the Indian Icon Awards 2024. Their flagship product, IntelPol, was honored

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Call for Proposals for Geospatial Technology and Solutions: Impact and Importance for India’s Future

The National Geospatial Programme (NGP) division, formerly NRDMS, calls for proposals in Geospatial Technology and Solutions that have the potential to impact various sectors in India significantly. The National Geospatial


Google Maps Now Shows Public Toilets in New York City

New York City (NYC) has implemented a new layer on Google Maps to display public restroom locations, addressing the ongoing challenge of finding accessible restrooms across the city. The official

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Unveiling the Latest Enhancements in ArcGIS Business Analyst Enterprise: May 2024 Update

Esri has announced an exciting array of updates in the May 2024 release of ArcGIS Business Analyst Enterprise, enhancing its capabilities for businesses seeking to leverage geographic data for better

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Understanding China’s BeiDou-Only Mandate: Strategic and Global Implications

According to recent news by MSN, China is launching a new campaign to crack down on the theft of sensitive geographical data by foreign powers with its BeiDou-only mandate, the

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SparkFun Electronics Launch RTK Torch with Millimeter-Level Accuracy

SparkFun Electronics recently launched the RTK Torch, a high-precision GNSS product designed for various geolocation and GIS applications. This new device offers millimeter-level accuracy and is built to withstand tough

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Training Announcement – Drought Monitoring, Prediction, and Projection using NASA Earth System Data

The United Nations has documented that drought frequency and duration have increased globally since 2000. According to this report 2.3 billion people around the world are currently facing water stress.

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TRISHNA Mission Set to Revolutionize High-Resolution Thermal Imaging

The TRISHNA Mission, a collaborative endeavour between the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the French space agency CNES, is set to revolutionize the monitoring of Earth’s surface temperature. TRISHNA


Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) to Conduct Airborne LiDAR Survey

The Indian Railway’s Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) zone is set to conduct an Airborne LiDAR Survey on the Lumding to Badarpur hill section. This advanced survey will take place during