ESA Invites Proposals to Promote Scientific Exploitation of Satellite Data

ESA Invites Proposals to Promote Scientific Exploitation of Satellite Data

ESA’s EO Science for Society programme aims to promote scientific exploitation of satellite data, pioneer novel applications and develop pre-commercial services while maximising the use of information and communications technologies.

In response to a direct request by Member States, EO Science for Society has a permanently open call to apply for financial support to initiate activities that will meet the goals of this programme. This is to ensure that both industry and scientific institutions can take advantage of short-term opportunities that occur with increasing frequency in today’s rapidly evolving conditions.

With a budget of €15 million, industry, start-ups and scientific institutions in all of ESA’s Member States may respond to the open call through ESA’s Electronic Mailing Invitation to Tender System.

Proposals can be submitted to ESA at any time about how to maximise the scientific impact of Earth-observing missions to further the societal benefits of Earth observation activities.

Bidders will need to demonstrate the innovative content of their proposals and, where appropriate, the engagement of stakeholders. For proposals related to scientific data exploitation, bidders will be also required to demonstrate scientific excellence of the proposed activity.

Over the next five years, over 100 individual contracts will be awarded with a fixed price of up to  €150 000 and to a maximum duration of 12 months.

For more information or to submit a proposal, click here.

Source: ESA

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