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Hyperspectral Instrument DESIS En Route to International Space Station in 2018

The DLR Earth Sensing Imaging Spectrometer (DESIS) environment and resource monitoring system will launch to the ISS in the summer of 2018 The hyperspectral sensor system has a spatial resolution


Cabinet Apprised of ISRO-KISR MoU for Joint Space Exploration

New Delhi, Jan 20, 2016 – The Union Cabinet was today apprised of an agreement between ISRO and a Kuwaiti research body on cooperation in exploration of outer space and


European Union and China Have Signed a Research Deal on Remote Sensing

European Union and China have signed a new collaborative research arrangement in the area of remote sensing. The deal, which emerged during the Europe-China summit, involves Europe’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) and


Alur Seelin Kiran Kumar Takes Over as Space Secretary

Distinguished space scientist Alur Seelin Kiran Kumar took over as secretary of the department of space and chairman of the Space Commission and the state-run ISRO here. Prior to his appointment to

Remote Sensing

Dazzling Russian Volcano Eruption Seen from the Space

NEW YORK: The spectacular, eye-popping beauty of an erupting volcano is not to be missed if it is captured from space. Crew aboard the International Space Station (ISS) got a rare image