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Evolving Plumbing Services in Geospatial Engineering

The integration of technology into the traditionally hands-on world of plumbing services has brought significant changes in recent years. As geospatial engineering innovations transform infrastructure planning and maintenance, the plumbing

Global Positioning System

Driving into the Future: What Citizens Need to Know About India’s Cutting-Edge GPS-Based Toll Technology

India is set to revolutionize its toll collection mechanism with the introduction of a GPS-based system, marking a significant stride in the country’s efforts to modernize transportation infrastructure. Here’s a


Revolutionizing Subsurface Exploration: Golden Software Unveils Latest Surfer® Mapping and 3D Visualization Package

Golden Software has elevated the capabilities of its Surfer mapping and 3D visualization software, providing users with an enhanced and comprehensive view of subsurface data. The latest version of Surfer


Reality Tech Takes on History: Hexagon Builds Digital Twin of Qutub Shahi Tombs

Global leader in reality technology, Hexagon, unveiled a detailed digital replica of the historic Qutub Shahi Tombs to the Telangana government. This “proof-of-concept” demonstrates the potential of Hexagon‘s “Reality Technology


Trimble Introduces MX90 Mobile Mapping System

Trimble has announced the leading-edge Trimble® MX90 mobile mapping system. With state-of-the-art Trimble GNSS and inertial technology, when combined with Trimble field and office software, the Trimble MX90 provides a


Wingtra Announces the Launch of Groundbreaking LIDAR Drone Solution

Wingtra, a leader in drone technology, is excited to announce the launch of its innovative LIDAR drone solution, a significant advancement in drone LIDAR technology. The new Wingtra LIDAR payload


What Are the Uses of GIS for Business?

Like other modern industries, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have gained popularity in the business world these days. GIS has proven to be useful and has gained traction in many areas


Reverse Mortgage Eligibility Criteria

A reverse mortgage offers an advantage to senior homeowners, enabling them to be financially empowered by accessing their home equity without selling their homes. Considering this advantage, any potential homeowner