Singapore: Urban Redevelopment Authority Launches Online Portal for Information on Land Matters

Singapore: Urban Redevelopment Authority Launches Online Portal for Information on Land Matters

Recently, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has revamped its online map services with new and enhanced features to make information more easily accessible and online transactions effortless. The new portal, namedURA SPACE, is packed with useful data and visualisation to help building professionals, business operators and the general public in their decision-making.

URA SPACE consolidates detailed land use information and private property-related information onto a one-stop platform presented on geospatial maps. These are maps embedded with data for users to easily view and search for information. Users can access information relating to the master plan, urban design guidelines, private property use and approval, car park locations and availability, private residential property transactions, and conservation areas and buildings.

Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority

The data is presented on a map in the Geographical Information System format with a 3D map feature.

Key among the enhancements is a new function called “Allowable Use For Shophouses”. With this, users can readily check the allowable and last approved uses for private shophouses in Singapore and where necessary, will be guided to submit applications for the intended use.

On URA SPACE, users can also obtain private property market transaction information by property types. There is also a data service that provides real-time parking availability in URA and HDB car parks, as well as car parks that provide data to the Land Transport Authority (LTA).


Market information by property types

While the information on URA SPACE is provided freely and URA has made best efforts to ensure information accuracy, users should still seek legal, financial or other professional advice before any commitment is made to purchase or rent a private property.

URA SPACE is accessible on multiple devices, including Apple and Android tablet devices, enabling users to search and access the information they need while on the go. We will continue to enhance URA SPACE in phases, with plans to add on more information and features in the future.

Visit URA SPACE at

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