Supergeo Releases the Latest Update of SuperGIS Desktop 3.3

Supergeo Releases the Latest Update of SuperGIS Desktop 3.3

Developed by one of worldwide leading providers in GIS software- Supergeo, SuperGIS Desktop is a practical, multifunctional, and affordable GIS solution designed for professionals in various industries such as urban planning, disaster prevention and relief, surveying and mapping, natural resources utilization, public facilities management, etc. With SuperGIS Desktop, users are able to deal with various kinds of tasks, including visualizing, editing, managing, and querying spatial data or other related information, and nail these works in an easy and efficient way.

Other than the general GIS functions mentioned above, SuperGIS Desktop also supports many databases and OGC web map standards, which will assist you in processing and managing large amounts of complex spatial data and meet your different needs.

In this latest version SuperGIS Desktop 3.3, Supergeo’s product team has improved and enhanced particular functions for a smoother user experience. For example, when you are processing the data, the selected features will be automatically saved. Therefore, if the work is not finished, and you have to open the project file again, there is no need to re-select the features. Besides, in the past, the information would not be completely recorded when converting the DXF file. This problem has also been fixed and will not bother the user again. Finally, this version strengthens the support for XLSX format, which enables users to directly check and use the value obtained by Excel formulas in SuperGIS Desktop.

In the second quarter of 2017, the product team of Supergeo will launch two new extensions of SuperGIS Desktop , Spatial Statistical Analyst 10 and Biodiversity Analyst 10. Please stay tuned!

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