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Register Now! Capitalize on WorldView-3 SWIR Data with ENVI

Capitalize on WorldView-3 SWIR Data with ENVI 03 December 2015 | 9:00am MST (GMT-07:00) There is a multitude of applications for WorldView-3 because of its ability to collect data from


Specim, A Global Leader In Hyperspectral Imaging, Granted 5.3 M€ Growth Financing

/INS. SPECIM, Spectral Imaging Oy Ltd., a pioneer and global leader in hyperspectral imaging instruments and systems, has received 5,3 M€ of financing to ensure its growth.  The financing package

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Why SWIR Band in Remote Sensing?

Each object has its own spectral signature, which is also the basic principle of remote sensing. Today we have satellites with various sensors collecting data in Visible light, Near Infrared (NIR),