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A Case for Geospatial Development Program (GEO-DP)

The Geospatial Development Program (GEO-DP) is an Engineer Regiment Program that leverages senior lieutenants/junior captains to provide additional officers to geospatial units while developing the officers’ geospatial skills, thereby increasing

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The Power of Geodetic Data: Accessing GGOS Portal for Research and Analysis

The Global Geodetic Observing System (GGOS) portal is a centralized access point for geodetic data. It provides access to a wide range of data related to Earth’s gravity field, geodetic

Featured Article Global Positioning System

Galileo High Accuracy Service to Deliver 20 cm Horizontal Accuracy

Galileo, the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) of the European Union, starts providing it’s High Accuracy Service. Galileo is now the world’s first Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) to provide

Featured Article Remote Sensing

Analyzing Mining Influence on Brazilian Amazon Vegetation

The application of GIS and remote sensing in environmental protection in
analyzing mining influence on Brazilian Amazon vegetation.

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How Miami Beach Digitized Seawall Using TrueView

Seawalls are designed to prevent upland erosion and storm surge flooding. Coastline cities utilize seawall structures to help maintain these issues.

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How GIS and Geospatial Tech Can Enhance the Agriculture Sector

Understanding GIS and geospatial techniques and implementing them efficiently to enhance agriculture need human-in-the-loop practice to feed, train and monitor algorithms.

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How a Yellowscan LiDAR Solution Contributed To Archeological Prospecting and Exceptional Heritage Management

The team used the YellowScan Explorer, our first LiDAR solution that can be mounted on a light manned aircraft or helicopter as well as mounted on any professional UAV platform.

Featured Article Global Positioning System

GNSS: The Foundation of Precision Applications in Ag

You may be thinking – so how do GNSS and corrections relay into the rest of precision agriculture? Without precise positioning, there really is no precision agriculture.

Featured Article Remote Sensing

FABDEM: The New Standard of Digital Elevation Models

To level up the playing field for DEM users, in 2022 flood modeling experts Fathom built and released FABDEM (Forests And Buildings removed Copernicus DEM) in a collaboration with the University of Bristol

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How AI and Aerial Imagery Can Improve Crop Damage Assessments in Agricultural Insurance

About Author Corey Feduck Director of Business Development at Ceres Imaging As extreme weather events continue to increase in frequency, insurance firms are partnering with agricultural technology companies to gain