The Ultimate Guide To Shipping Large Items From State To State

The Ultimate Guide To Shipping Large Items From State To State

Moving to a new state, selling off old items, or starting an e-commerce company can all come with specific shipping needs. This can become a challenge when you need to send or have large items delivered that can’t be transported by regular courier services. Furthermore, large-item shipping options can become expensive when traveling to another state. 

Fortunately, there are ways to send your items that are affordable, time-bound, and can help protect them, so they arrive in their original condition. You can do this by following a few tips and being aware of the logistics options available. 

Here’s the ultimate guide to shipping large items from state to state.

Use The Right Packaging

It’s essential to use the correct packaging for large items that will be shipped over a long distance. This is to ensure your shipment arrives at its destination in good condition and stays intact without suffering any damage during transportation. The key to finding the proper packaging is planning ahead and measuring the dimensions and weight of your items to confirm that they will fit comfortably and remain supported if they’re heavy.

One of the most common types of packaging for large items is thick heavy-duty cardboard boxes corrugated with a double wall to increase their strength. Some packages can even be placed into another box for greater reinforcement.

As for the item itself, you may wrap it in paper and layers of bubble wrap to cushion it, acting as a shock absorber during transit. If you’re transporting large items that can’t fit in a standard box, such as a couch, it’s better to opt for a full truckload hire and use industrial-strength plastic stretch wrap and duct tape for securing it.

Shipping Large Items

Choose A Suitable Shipping Method

Once you’ve settled on your item packaging, you can move on to choosing a suitable shipping method with the right transport firm. Fortunately, there are many options available for large-item shipping. Transport companies have different criteria, costs, and modes of transport to deliver your shipment. For instance, if your shipment is a large item that’s relatively light such as a living room wall art, then most will allow you to use standard parcel delivery and pay an oversize shipping fee.

However, if you’re transporting large equipment to another state, such as construction machinery, the transport company may offer step deck trailers. For bulky items that range from 15,000 to 20,000 pounds, such as vehicle parts, you can utilize logistics companies that provide less-than-truckload (LTL) services.

Before selecting a shipping method, research different transport firms and get a quote from each one to compare prices so you can choose the most affordable and effective option. 

Insure Your Items

Whether you’re an individual or a business carrying our large item deliveries to different states, shipping insurance offers many benefits. This service is designed to mitigate risks, protect your items during shipment, and reimburse the costs if they never arrive at their destination or get damaged or broken. The insurance rates and payouts are determined by the value of the items.

This is necessary because while most logistics companies are more than reliable, they have no control over unforeseen circumstances that may lead to damaged or lost items. These factors include transit during adverse weather conditions, disasters like floods, and rough terrain.

Furthermore, large item shipments are tricky. Thus, even with smooth transportation, items can get lost or damaged during handling, offloading, or other phases of the shipping process. Additionally, if you’re an e-commerce company, insuring large items may cause your customers to have more trust and confidence in your business.

Other Things To Consider

Before you finalize the plans for your shipment, make sure to contact your chosen transport company to confirm whether your parcel can be shipped to another state. This is necessary in the case of items containing biological, combustible, or hazardous materials or that include state-specific restricted items. 

This is to ensure compliance with regulations and shipment requirements pertaining to the safety of handlers. In some instances, you may have to change the packaging to more suitable containers if there are any safety concerns. If you’re unsure, you may request an item assessment from the transport firm to provide the best solution for your needs.

Another factor you may need to consider is the fragility of your items. Statues and glass cabinets are tricky to transport as they’re sensitive to cracks, chips, and shattering.


Successfully shipping large items from state to state entails choosing the right packaging and transportation method provided by a reliable transport company. Doing this can help ensure your items arrive in good condition.

For extra protection, you can insure your bulky items to mitigate the risks of damage or loss during transit. Finally, check with your service provider if your large items are acceptable for shipping so you can follow the correct procedure and find a tailored solution to move fragile objects.

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