Touch GIS App Introduces Digital Clinometer Tool for Geologist

Touch GIS App Introduces Digital Clinometer Tool for Geologist

Touch GIS has introduced a digital clinometer tool to assist field geologist in recording strike & dip readings. Version 1.3 of the app also features a new ‘Attitude’ attribute type, which makes it easy to record and display these readings on the map.

“We’ve been testing these new features with a number of field geologists, and we’re excited to finally be launching it broadly. While Touch GIS is valuable for a wide varity of field data collection, we’ve found that it’s especially popular with geologists,” says Joe Wilson, Head of Product at Touch GIS.

As more and more field work is being done on mobile devices, it’s important to integragte them onto a single platform for collecting and sharing field data. Touch GIS has a mission to provide the most robust data collection featureset for mobile field mapping.

digital clinometer

The new digital clinometer and attitude attribute type available in Touch GIS

In addition to the clinometer tool and attitude attribute type, Touch GIS also features powerful file support for industry-standard type types, offline mapping capabilites, and accurate drawing tools for points, lines, and polygons.

Touch GIS has a free tier that allows users to explore a majority of the apps features. Premium subscribers can also cache maps for offline use and export any collected data.

The app is available for free to download on the App Store:

To learn more about features and pricing visit:

Contact Touch GIS:

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