3D Mapping of Heritage Monuments for Tourism Promotion

3D Mapping of Heritage Monuments for Tourism Promotion

According to recent news from ToI, the tourism department of Telangana state is going for 3D mapping of heritage monuments and buildings of city.

Hyderabad city has many heritage monuments and buildings to showcase the rich heritage of city for better tourism attraction.

Recently three monuments in the city has been illuminated- Buddha statue, Kacheguda railway station and Clock Tower – using 3D mapping technology as part of the Formation Day celebrations.

 “We zeroed in on three monuments. We used more floral elements for the Buddha statue. At Kacheguda, paintings by local artists, motifs, state bird and animal were showcased and the Clock Tower was adorned with a colourful look, which changed its appearance to an ancient clock with a huge dial and a pendulum,” said Sandeep Sinha, deputy general manager of Wizcraft, the firm that worked on the mapping.

According to tourism department officials, it comes as part of a bigger plan to highlight various monuments.”This project aims at attracting more tourists. It will give them a clear picture about Telangana’s art and culture.As a pilot project, it will run till June 7,” said B Manohar, executive director.

Charminar was eliminated from this project since its surroundings are highly lit up.The technology needs minimal lighting in the surrounding. Also, the structure has to be lighter in shade for better animations.

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