Azerbaijan Launches First National Navigation System – AzNav

Azerbaijan Launches First National Navigation System – AzNav

According to recent news reported by the AZERNEWS, Azerbaijan has recently launched its first national navigation system “AzNav” by the Center for Information Technology and Information Management of the State Committee on Property Issues. GPS navigation system “Aznav” was developed on the basis of Address Register Information System (ARIS) data.

“Aznav” is extremely helpful in cases of medical aid, fire, accident, police, emergency services and other activities. Also, the navigation system will simplify search for addresses, prevent loss of time and supports several languages. The system supports Russian, English, Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish and Georgian languages.

Image Credit: AzerNews-AzNav

Image Credit: AzerNews

This system operates both online and offline and available for all mobile devices, phones and tablets of Android”, “iOS” (Apple), Windows CE operating systems support the system.

The navigation database includes 353 towns and settlements, 5,321 villages, 759,227 buildings and structures, 77,972 facilitates, 117 bridges and 558 pedestrian crossings, 521 radar and monitoring road camera.

AzNav operates autonomously and does not require connection to the Internet for search and navigation, which is advantageous when using the system abroad.

Navigation AzNav base also includes maps of European countries, South and North America and Africa.

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