Managing Assets from Different Angles- SuperGIS 3D Earth Server

Managing Assets from Different Angles- SuperGIS 3D Earth Server

3D visualization is an important breakthrough in how geographic data could be displayed on the computer. Instead of the traditional 2D form, SuperGIS 3D Earth Server can easily present data in the 3D form and share the result of your GIS project with various client-side applications. People can use different web browsers (support HTML5), desktop software, and mobile apps to view the spatial data published by SuperGIS 3D Earth Server, and therefore make more intelligent decisions.

In the recent development, SuperGIS 3D Earth Server has newly included hotkeys to make it more easy to use. Users can hence switch between the keyboard and mouse to view the map and building models in a more delicately way. Meanwhile, the smoothness and the performance of 3D rendering have been significantly improved. Now, if you want to display 500 building models at the same time, the frames per second will still stay at about seven. Also, SuperGIS 3D Earth Server also supports higher levels of details and can switch the appearance with ease. If these features integrate with query function, we are allowed to build a 3D GIS web application that users can search for information about a particular floor in a building model and mark a specified area within that floor effortlessly.

On the other hand, one of the most frequently-used features, height measurement, is also a highlight of this update. Other than the point, line and polygon surveying we already have, the vertical surveying is also included now. Through this function, users can measure the height of buildings directly on the screen. Accordingly, we could know if the height of a particular building exceeds the limit and additional information like how much does it exceed. All the features mentioned above help users to view the landscape from different viewing angles.

Next, Supergeo will continuously strengthen the applications of SuperGIS 3D Earth Server in underground utilities. Such solutions will allow administrators to look deeper into the underground pipelines and help take a more holistic viewpoint when formulating urban planning and related policies. Also, with effective monitoring and management, the construction and maintenance of underground utilities could undergo more smoothly, enhancing the quality of life as well as securing the properties of citizens.

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The underground utility application made by SuperGIS 3D Earth Server:

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