Singapore goes for 3D mapping to Improve Municipal Services

Singapore goes for 3D mapping to Improve Municipal Services

singapore in 3DThe authorities of Singapore are hopeful to create a 3D map of Singapore within the next two years. The 3D mapping efforts are part of project to use technology in everyday issues to solve and improve municipal services.

The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) has almost completed the first phase of the project to map the island using aerial shots.

The map includes creating 3D terrain and road models to allow authorities to analyze infrastructure without being present. There is also “geo tagging”, or adding location details to an image or video. This way, authorities can pinpoint the exact location where an incident occurred based on residents’ feedback.

Other applications include using the map to locate illegal dumping sites, and planning towns or buildings. This project is also an extension of its OneMap initiative. Launched in 2010, OneMap uses mapping technology to provide information and services to the public.

Singapore Land Authority (SLA) Chief Executive Tan Boon Khai said: “Right now, there may be certain gaps in terms of the accuracy and location, so with all this data out there, residents and citizens will be able to give us the precise location where we can allocate the resources accordingly and quickly to deal with the needs.”

SLA said it will make the 3D map more comprehensive in the second phase. It is expected to be completed by 2017.

– Channel NewsAsia

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