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Leica Geosystems Has Launched the GKP100 – Detachable Keypad for Flexible Surveying

Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, has introduced the new Leica GKP100, a lightweight keypad that can be used with any tablet. This detachable keypad, when paired with a tablet, offers users


How Georgia is Tackling Bee-Killing ‘Pesticide Drift’ with Online Mapping Tool

Georgia has taken a significant step forward in protecting its vital bee population by joining an innovative online mapping tool designed to reduce ‘pesticide drift.’ This initiative aims to safeguard

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How Remote Sensing Helps to Curb Illegal Mining

Illegal mining is a pervasive global issue that poses severe environmental, economic, and social threats. It involves the unregulated extraction of valuable minerals and metals, leading to deforestation, water pollution,


Launch of Bhuvan Panchayat (v4.0) & National Database for Emergency Management (v5.0)

On June 28, 2024, Union Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh unveiled two significant geoportals: Bhuvan Panchayat (Version 4.0) and the National Database for Emergency Management (NDEM Version 5.0). These advancements, launched


1Spatial, RMSI, and Cyclomedia map public utility networks

Following several successful joint projects, 1Spatial, RMSI, and Cyclomedia, three leading providers of solutions and services for the digital transformation of network infrastructures, are joining forces to address the market

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Geospatial Technology Applications in the Renewable Energy Sector

Energy is always in demand both for household and industrial use, and the Earth’s population has to manage energy source depletion before running short. Renewable energy sources are a great

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India to Launch 12 Earth Observations Satellites in PP Partnership

In a significant move to enhance India’s space capabilities, the government has announced its decision to part-fund 12 earth observation satellite launches under a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model. The Centre