SPDLib an Open Source Software for LiDAR Processing

SPDLib an Open Source Software for LiDAR Processing

LiDAR_2SPDLib is an open source software for processing for processing  LiDAR, including data captured from airborne and terrestrial platforms.

The sorted pulse data (SPD) software library along with a collection of tools for processing traditional discrete return data alongside full waveform terrestrial and airborne LiDAR.

SPDLib is one of the most complete set of freely available LiDAR processing libraries currently available particularly for full waveform LiDAR.

Some of the important factors are listed below:

  • Tools for reading and converting LiDAR datasets
  • Decomposing points from waveform data.
  • Classifying ground returns.
  • Interpolating raster height and elevation products and calculating metrics (mainly for vegetation).
  • SPD format is implemented using a HDF5 file was it can be read by a wide variety of software and is platform independent.
  • SPDLib is written in C++ and these APIs can be used directly to either add or extend the functionality of the software.

One of the key features which differentiates this software from other LiDAR software is the ability to process and store full waveform datasets alongside traditional discrete return data.

Currently the software supports UNIX platform and  it is hoped that testing and support will be expanded to support Windows.

SPDLib can be downloaded from following link: http://www.spdlib.org/doku.php#downloading_spdlib

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