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senseFly eBee Becomes Canada’s First Compliant Fixed-Wing Drone

Mapping UAV’s new designation will help Canadian operators to boost their businesses. The senseFly eBee has become the first fixed-wing system to be designated a ‘compliant small UAV’ by Transport Canada—a


eBee from senseFly Reviewed by the Geo-matching community

The Geo-matching.com website features a selection of the most important geomatics equipment, including UAS for Mapping and 3D Modelling. At www.geo-matching.com, you can compare product specifications and read users’ reviews


RIEGL adds RiCOPTER with VUX-SYS to Geo-matching.com

The RiCOPTER is a ready to fly remotely piloted airborne laser scanning system is a high-performance UAV which can be equipped with the RIEGL VUX-1 survey-grade LiDAR sensor to offer