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Dwarf Planet Ceres – New Name, New Maps, New Questions

This week, scientists at the European Planetary Science Conference (EPSC) in Nantes, France are busy with the mysterious crater structures and fascinating views of the multifaceted dwarf planet Ceres. The


3D Measurements of Forest Areas

A tangle of treetops and branches, through which just the occasional clear area provides glimpses of the trunks and roots growing below. Whether it is woodland with German spruces or

Remote Sensing

Airborne Radar Scanning of Glaciers for Climate Change Modeling

Greenland’s ice sheet is the second largest mass of ice on Earth, containing enough water to raise ocean levels by about 20 feet. The ice sheet has been losing mass


Satellites – A Reliable Source for Earth Observation

ISRSE – 750 experts meet in Berlin to discuss trends and challenges in remote sensing How is the ozone layer changing? What is the distribution of trace gases in Earth’s