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Iran Urges Russia to Start Building Remote Sensing Satellite

The Iranian minister for Communication and Information Technology, Mahmoud Vaezi, urged Russia to start work on constructing the remote sensing satellite both countries agreed upon earlier this year. Speaking in

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Iran Defines 7 Projects to Use Remote Sensing for Monitoring Agriculture

According to recent news by the Mehr news Agency, the Iranian Space Agency has defined 7 mega projects in the field remote sensing for monitoring agricultural products with high precision. Mohammad


Iranian Space Agency to Put Indigenous Satellite in Orbit by 2025

According to recent news by MNA – ISA deputy director has announced Iran’s ultimate goal as building indigenous satellites parallel to foreign models and to place them into geosynchronous equatorial

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Iran and APSCO Jointly to Build a Remote Sensing Satellite

According to recent news by the Trend New Agency, Iran and seven member states of the Asia-Pacific Space Cooperation Organization (APSCO) are negotiating to jointly design and build a remote sensing


Iran to Build Two Remote Sensing Satellites by 2025

Iran is planning to launch two national remote sensing and telecommunication satellites by 2025. Communications and Information Technology Minister Mahmoud Va’ezi said, “Indigenization of space technologies is the main focus

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Iran to Launch 4 Satellites

In recent new, Iran is planning to launch four new satellites with domestically-designed carriers into the space in the near future. The four satellites are named as Sharif Sat, Zafar (Triumph), Tolou