Aspectum Releases A Smart Map of Besiktas Shipyard for Better Maritime Business Management

Aspectum Releases A Smart Map of Besiktas Shipyard for Better Maritime Business Management

Aspectum, a cloud service for location data analytics, presents its latest interactive map of Besiktas Shipyard. This map serves as an example of shipyard management. Just in a few clicks, users can view detailed 3D visualization and gain valuable insights about the shipyards’ workload and current infrastructure.

Besiktas Shipyard is one of the best-established shipbuilding and ship repair yards of Turkey and the most active one for ship repair in the Mediterranean region. The shipyard has proven know-how in building the most sophisticated ships up to 26,000 dwt and repairing any type of vessels up to 382 m. It has over 150 dockings per annum as well as 3 graving and floating docks. With such extensive facilities and a heavy workload, it’s necessary for maritime businesses to have detailed data about the number of vessels, congestion, and other factors that are difficult to anticipate. The Besiktas Shipyard interactive map by Aspectum instantly provides insights into such data.

The interactive Besiktas Shipyard map offers advanced visualization of all buildings, cranes, berths, docks, and ships. Also, with the unique arc feature, it shows the exact distance to the closest airports, ports, customers, etc without adding visual clutter. This, in turn, helps to analyze the time and cost of deliveries’. Additionally, a large customer network demonstrates the shipyard’s ample opportunities.

This map visualizes data from local database systems via API integration and makes updates in real-time. Aspectum collects data from vector maps as well as satellite and drone imagery for the base map and detects changes with environmental objects. Each of the objects has a legend with direct access to data insights like type, operational activity,  size,  volume, and many others. This can be used as a management operation panel, as wall as а tool for identifying shipyard’s business opportunities.

Aspectum is a California-based company focused on providing high-quality visualization and powerful analytics for business outcomes. It offers digital solutions for improved data visualization through geographic information systems. Aspectum partners with leading companies across industries in North America and Europe for enhanced mapping that makes data more available and valuable.

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