SuperPad 10 – A Revolution in Spatial Data Collection

SuperPad 10 – A Revolution in Spatial Data Collection

Supergeo Technologies Inc. is going to unveil a brand-new version of its one of most popular GIS software in field surveying – SuperPad 10 before the end of January 2017.

Designed for spatial data collection, SuperPad is mobile GIS software supports both Windows Mobile and Windows OS. Recently, with the growing popularity of tablet computers, SuperPad will support more touch gestures in this generation. For example, users are allowed to use multi-touch for resizing, rotating, and panning the map. Also, Supergeo redesigned the UI with flat design style, which simplifies the button icons to best fit the display on tablet computers.

Spatial Data Collection-SuperGIS Desktop

Moreover, to improve the efficiency of field surveying, this latest version has a new feature called Quick Project. The main idea of Quick Project is the built-in templates designed for different domains. The Quick Project can provide preloaded spatial data and pre-designed attribute tables to save the time of field works. It is a very practical feature when users have to create similar projects repeatedly in the field. SuperPad 10 currently supports several kinds of Quick Project, including a Tree Tally Quick Project for forest inventory, an OnlineMap Quick Project for users don’t have a basemap, and the others. What’s even better is you can define and save your own Quick Project if there is no suitable one for your work.

Except the upgrades mentioned above, SuperPad 10 also powers up the overall performance of its GIS capabilities, which will significantly enhance your efficiency of fieldwork.

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