Australian Government to Launch National Spatial Data Framework

Australian Government to Launch National Spatial Data Framework

Australian GovernmentAccording to the recent news in itnews, The Australian Government is planning to launch a national geospatial data framework by the next February.

The move aims to cut millions of dollars of spending on duplicate data collection. Existing data collection efforts are currently being duplicated across number of federal, state and territory government, meaning taxpayers are effectively paying multiple times for access to the same geospatial data

The government has frame out a framework known as the foundation spatial data framework (FSDF), the database will contain a record for every property in Australia in a standardized format.

The foundation spatial data framework (FSDF), is an industry standard and be available for free to end users in both government and industry. FSDF has 10 core themes across geocoded addressing, administrative boundaries, positioning, place names, land and parcel property, imagery, transport, water, elevation and depth, and land cover.

The FSDF will be run by spatial information council ANZLIC, with secretarial support from the Department of Communications.

It is scheduled to launch next February, but the department said the launch date was “highly dependent” on ongoing policy considerations.

Along with additional costs to government, the duplication of geospatial mapping efforts can have an adverse impact on the delivery of third-party services.

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