Effects of Technology and Digitalization to Your Business

Effects of Technology and Digitalization to Your Business

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Whether you are starting a business or thinking of expanding during these challenging times, on embracing technology can have an enormous impact on your business and how you’re going to digitalize your business should be highly prioritised. The correct use of information and communication technologies, implemented as a gradual shift towards digitalization has been seen to produce a positive outcome for both large and small business models.

There are numerous aspects of your business operations that technology and digitalization can impact. Some of the positive effects of embracing technology in your business include the automation and simplification of tasks, improved communication, sharing and distribution of information between stakeholders, increased productivity and potential to work remotely. Two areas that are particularly affected by technology is the marketing and security of your business.

Using Technology For Small Business Marketing

Traditionally, small business marketing would be a difficult task and business owners would find themselves geographically restricted, and their marketing would only reach their target demographic among the local population. Information and communication technologies have made the location a non-issue. One of the strategies small businesses can use to market themselves is omnichannel messaging. An omni channel allows your business to communicate with consumers across multiple communication platforms such as voice, email, SMS, push, Twitter, WeChat and Messenger. Omnichannel messaging can be used to optimise sales, operations and support in addition to marketing.

Securing Your Business With Technology

The security of your data, equipment and property both during and after business hours is also a concern that technology can affect. Your business is your livelihood and relying on locks and keys to protect it, is a thing of the past. Technology can be a double-edged sword when it comes to security. In the wrong hands, it can enable criminals to access your property physically or remotely. However, there is an array of digital tools and protocols, such as data encryption, security software, surveillance cameras and alarms that you can make use of to secure your business in addition to educating employees on security procedures and adhering to your business’ cybersecurity policy.

One of the most effective methods of protecting your business and your employees is control access to your property. Access control security systems allow you to limit the number of people who are able to enter your property or certain areas of your property. An access control system can be installed at different points within your business, so that only authorised employees are able to enter restricted areas, by making use of a key card, pin code or biometric scanner. The system can also be used to record the movements of employees, and hold them accountable in the event of a breach in security.

Using technology in your business for marketing or for security are just two of the ways in which your business can benefit from embracing technology.

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