GIS Resources Magazine (Issue 3 | September 2022): GNSS Systems in Precision Applications

GIS Resources Magazine (Issue 3 | September 2022): GNSS Systems in Precision Applications

GIS Resources is pleased to announce the publication of its 3rd edition (September 2022) of the print and digital magazine. The edition is titled “GNSS Systems in Precision Applications.”

There is a continuous need for precise, reliable, and repeatable location, navigation, and timing data. GNSS systems and GNSS-based technologies provide this capability all year round covering most regions on this earth. Air travel and aviation in peace-time and in war, maritime and inland river travel & transportation, rail, road, and mass transit are but some of the domains that currently use GNSS technology. Without GNSS it would be difficult to manage and operate the world of transportation.

GNSS systems and technologies are firmly established in nearly all infrastructural activities. Constant refinement is being made to remove whatever shortcomings are experienced so that more users can be made of this technology.

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Following are the articles published in this edition:

  1. GNSS: The Foundation of Precision Applications in Agriculture – Trimble Positioning Services
  2. A Lone Surveyor Overcomes the Challenge of Surveying the Wide-Open Plains – John Stenmark, Writer and Consultant
  3. The New Standard of Digital Elevation Models: Unlocking the Potential of ‘Bare Earth’ Mapping For GIS Professionals – Fathom
  4. Having a Problem Testing GNSS Indoor? Reliable GNSS Simulator & Re-Radiator – V3Novus
  5. GNSS Systems with Built-in High-Performance IMU for Precision Applications – DreamTns India Pvt Ltd
  6. An Interview with – Prateek Srivastava, Founder & Director at DroneAcharya Aerial Innovations Pvt. Ltd.  

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