GRASS GIS 7.0.0 beta 1 is Released

GRASS GIS 7.0.0 beta 1 is Released

GRASS GIS 7.0.0What’s new in GRASS GIS 7.0.0 beta in a nutshell:

The graphical user interface based on wxPython (introduced in GRASS GIS 6.4) has been enriched with many new features in order to make complex GIS operations available as simple as possible. The old Tcl/Tk based GUI has been dropped. Relevant new features are available in the core system, among the most important the new Python interface to the C library. This new feature permits Python developers to create new modules in a simple way while at the same time creating powerful and fast modules. Furthermore, the vector library was particularly improved to make it faster and more efficient with support of huge files. This required a easy to manage topology format update including a new spatial index. Finally, there are a series of new modules to analyse raster and vector data; some of the already existing modules were improved and made faster (some even 1000 x faster).


Key improvements of the GRASS 7.0.0 beta1 release include:

  • Significant performance improvements for many modules
  • About 100 new modules, for a list, see Grass7/NewFeatures
  • The new temporal processing GRASS GIS 7 framework for raster, vector and voxel time series management and analysis
  • Large File Support (LFS) globally enabled for raster and vector data
  • new spatial index for vector data
  • SQLite is default DB backend
  • New graphical tools
    • animating of raster and vector time series;
    • new georectifier;
    • graphical modeler with Python script output;
    • tool for supervised classification of imagery data;
    • map swiping tool;
    • tool for creating hardcopy map output;
    • new tool for module configuration file creation;
    • comparison tool for temporal datasets;
    • improved vector digitizer.

Between 6.4.0 and the current 7.0.0beta1 more than 10,000 updates have been applied.

GRASS GIS 7 Addons: 

Many new addons are available:

Download GRASS GIS 7.0.0 at:

Download Source code:

Read more about release of GRASS GIS 7.0.0 beta

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