Indonesia Launches Geospatial Portal for Forest Monitoring and Protection

Indonesia Launches Geospatial Portal for Forest Monitoring and Protection

Indonesia – According to recent news by the Eco-Business, the Ministry of Environment and Forestry has launched a new geospatial portal, which will serve as the dedicated and reliable source of data on the country’s forests and other natural resources.

The geospatial portal, which runs on an advanced location-based analytics platform called ArcGIS, integrates forestry and environment data from relevant government departments and visualizes it on a dynamic map.

It features data on forest area usage, watershed boundaries, areas of forest and land rehabilitation, and location of forest management units among others.

Image: National Forest Monitoring system for Republic Indonesia

Image: National Forest Monitoring system for Republic Indonesia

The platform provides decision-makers from government agencies and the public with a compelling view of the country’s forests in ways that helps them better see and understand the actual condition of the country’s natural resources.

Ruandha Agung Sugardiman, Director of Inventory and Monitoring of Forest Resources at the Ministry of Environment said:

The technology has enabled the agency to modernise how it manages its data by allowing them to move away from using time-consuming processes involved in creating and sharing their maps and data. Prior to the implementation of the Geospatial portal, data sharing was done by storing data on a USB Flash Disk and giving it to their colleagues who need it. Though effective in some way, it exposed the agency’s data to certain vulnerabilities that increased the probability of data corruption.

In addition, it also facilitated better collaboration amongst the agency’s departments by providing decision-makers with shared situational awareness making it easier for them to find clear solutions to environmental challenges and create better public policies.

The Geospatial portal can be accessed via this link: http://Geospatial

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