Locana Awarded Wildlife Habitat Analysis Task Order for The Bureau of Land Management

Locana, a leading geographic data and technology company, has won a 10-year National Geospatial Data and Technology Support Services contract for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Under this contract, Locana has been awarded a Task Order to support the agency’s Wildlife Habitat Spatial Analysis Lab which leverages geospatial data and analysis to inform decisions on wildlife management.

“Locana’s depth of experience with federal land management agencies and technical geospatial expertise make us the go-to provider for the government’s geospatial data and analysis needs,” said Ed Riegelmann, Locana’s Chief Geospatial Officer. “We have supported the USDA Forest Service with geospatial and data management services for more than a decade and are now thrilled to support the Bureau of Land Management in its habitat conservation and restoration efforts.” 

The BLM manages more wildlife habitat than any other federal or state agency. More than 3,000 wildlife species live on more than 245 million acres of BLM lands, dispersed over some of the nation’s most ecologically diverse and essential habitat.

Bo Wilmer, Locana’s Natural Resources Program Director explained, “The BLM Wildlife Habitat Spatial Analysis Lab plays a crucial role informing natural resource management, conservation and restoration activities and aids in policy decisions. Under this Task Order, Locana helps the BLM to assess habitat conditions across numerous states, to identify threats to native species, and to advance management solutions through innovative spatial analyses, helping to preserve and restore habitat for 300 threatened or endangered species.”

About Locana
Locana is a global leader in technology consulting and geospatial systems development. The company leverages location data, business intelligence, and integrated systems to drive enterprise collaboration and business performance for our public and private clients. With top-tier partnerships and a full-lifecycle approach, Locana delivers all components of a geospatial program: data collection, spatial processing, analytics and intelligence, visualization, application development, and mobile solutions.

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