Mapping Accidents Spots Across Bangalore

Mapping Accidents Spots Across Bangalore

accident mappingaIn recent news, the Indian Institute of Science in association with Bangalore Traffic Police has come up with mapping of accident spots in Bangalore city.

The project “Mapping of all accident locations in Bangalore City” will involve identification and mapping of roads and junctions where accidents are occurring frequently.

 Lokesh Hebbani, project head and traffic expert with the Centre for infrastructure, Sustainable Transport and Urban Planning (CiSTUP), IISc, said his team is acquiring accident data with traffic police.

“Traffic cops have data on accidents in major traffic divisions but there are no details. Our team will visit all traffic divisions and compile relevant information about accidents,” he added.

The maps will provide awareness in public about the accident zones as a black spot on maps and could be use to put pressure on local authorities to fix them.

Lokesh, also an adviser to the World Bank and central government on road safety, said;

 “Mapping helps the system fix accountability on civic agencies which are stakeholders in road safety. If a particular black spot has problems related to road humps, the corresponding civic agency like the BBMP should take action. For an overflowing drain, it’ll be BWSSB, problems with junctions it’ll be traffic police and for a power utility, the onus is on Bescom.”



Source: Times of India

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