New South Wales Government Launches Renewable Energy Resources Map

New South Wales Government Launches Renewable Energy Resources Map

In a recent news release by the New South Wales Government, in a state first, NSW will have a renewal energy map to help drive investment in new renewable projects across Australia.

The NSW Renewable Energy Resource Map provides renewable energy project developers with free access to geospatial data and information on the state’s renewable energy resources and highlights more than 201 sites across NSW.

This map shows the sources of renewable energy in NSW – sunlight, wind, waves, biomass, water, and heat from the Earth. All of these sources have been used by people for centuries to provide energy as heat or mechanical energy.

New South Wales Government Launches Renewable Energy Resources Map

Minister for Industry, Resources, and Energy, Anthony Roberts said the project will allow greater investment opportunities for the renewable energy sector in NSW.

“By identifying and promoting our renewable energy resource base, we are giving investors, contractors, market researchers, planners and academics the information they need to scope out opportunities to invest in our state,” Mr Roberts said.

The GreenPower Connect initiative, aimed at meeting the needs of large energy purchasers, will also launch across the state.

NSW renewable energy resources map

Credit: New South Wales Government

GreenPower Connect supports investment in new large scale renewable energy projects by allowing large purchasers of renewable energy to directly link with new cost effective projects.

This map was produced by the Geological Survey of New South Wales. It was released on 27 July 2016 and is the first comprehensive statewide renewable energy resource map, documenting NSW’s resource potential and existing infrastructure for solar, wind, geothermal, bioenergy, hydro and ocean resources.

This product has been created to be an informative tool enabling the community to more easily identify and understand the renewable energy and resource potential of the state.

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