SparkFun Electronics Launch RTK Torch with Millimeter-Level Accuracy

SparkFun Electronics Launch RTK Torch with Millimeter-Level Accuracy

SparkFun Electronics recently launched the RTK Torch, a high-precision GNSS product designed for various geolocation and GIS applications. This new device offers millimeter-level accuracy and is built to withstand tough environments, thanks to its IP67-rated enclosure which makes it waterproof up to 1 meter for 30 minutes.

The RTK Torch kit includes everything you need to get started, including the device, correction subscription for one month, thread adapter, charger, data cables, and a hard-sided carrying case with lots of room for a tablet, data collector, or other device.

Key specifications and features of the RTK Torch include:

  1. GNSS Receiver: Utilizes the Unicore UM980 GNSS receiver, capable of tri-band reception (L1, L2, and L5), which enhances accuracy in environments with signal challenges like dense canopy areas​.
  2. Tilt Compensation: Integrated with an IM19 IMU, the RTK Torch provides accurate measurements even when the device is tilted, making it ideal for uneven terrain​.
  3. Zero-Touch RTK: This feature allows for automatic corrections via WiFi without the need for NTRIP credentials, simplifying the setup process. Corrections are received from u-blox PointPerfect, available in multiple regions including the US, Europe, and parts of Australia and Canada​​.
  4. Open-Source Firmware: Runs on SparkFun’s RTK Everywhere firmware, allowing users to customize and expand the device’s functionality​.
  5. Connectivity: The device supports Bluetooth and WiFi, enabling easy integration with smartphones and GIS software for real-time data collection​.
SparkFun Electronics Launch RTK Torch with Millimeter-Level Accuracy
The SparkFun RTK Torch is your one-stop shop for high-precision geolocation and GIS needs. Image Credit: SparkFun

This device can be used in a variety of modes but these are six of the most common:

  • GNSS Positioning (~400mm accuracy) – also known as ‘Rover’
  • GNSS Positioning with RTK (8mm accuracy) – using a local base station
  • GNSS Positioning with PPP-RTK (14 to 60mm accuracy) – using PointPerfect corrections
  • GNSS Positioning with Tilt Compensation
  • GNSS Base Station
  • GNSS Base Station NTRIP Server

The RTK Torch runs open-source software meaning you can fully obtain, see, and even modify the functionality of the device. This allows for easier feature expansion, bug maintenance, and longer device longevity.

Source: SparkFun

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