Galileo Masters Competition Inviting Cutting-Edge Solutions Using Satellite Navigation Data

Galileo Masters Competition

The Galileo Masters is the global innovation competition that encourages and supports technological advancements, driven by Satellite Navigation data into successful society-oriented applications. The fundamental mission of this competition is to encourage innovators and motivate them to develop market-driven applications that use Satellite Navigation technologies in everyday life. The global network of more than 89 partners provides the best cases with multifold support and helps them evolve both technologically and commercially.  

The Galileo Masters competition is inviting innovative cutting cutting-edge solutions using satellite navigation data. Broadly the competition scouts for the best GNSS solutions and business cases in the field of e.g. agriculture, healthcare, cybersecurity, and environment.

Partner Challenges

The challenges are designed to strengthen this union by encouraging topic-specific innovations. These challenges, brought by world-class partners, offer a great variety of rewards to boost your solution. Each partner’s challenges have different Rewards. If the concept gets selected as Galileo Masters 2021 Overall Winner, an Additional Reward will also be confirmed to the winners.


  1. EUSPA Space for our Planet Challenge
  2. EUSPA Space for Fun Challenge
  3. EUSPA Space for Being Safe & Healthy Challenge
  4. EUSPA SatCom Challenge
  5. ESA Space Solutions Scale-up Challenge
  6. DLR BMVI Challenge
  7. University Challenge
  8. Galileo Living Lab Prize
Galileo Masters Competition Inviting Cutting-Edge Solutions Using Satellite Navigation Data

If you want to double your chances of winning, participate in Galileo Prizes.

Galileo Prizes

The Galileo Prizes supported by the European Commission are offered by our partners representing regions or countries. They are open to ideas and solutions for any application field. Get the opportunity to support your solutions locally by winning an additional Galileo Prize. Choose your Prize! Check out more…


The Galileo Masters competition welcomes innovators – individuals of legal adult age, consortia, or legal entities – to participate! Universities, start-ups, SMEs and bigger companies, research organizations, and associates from all around the globe are invited to join! Check the eligibility criteria for each Challenge or Prize here.


  • Registration and Submission Phase from 19th April 2021 to 19th July 2021
  • Evaluation Phase continuing until October
  • Challenge Finalists shall be announced in October and November. 
  • The competition will end with the prestigious Space Awards in December.

Prize Pool

Galileo Masters awards the most forward-thinking solutions with an overall prize pool of EUR 830,000. This includes cash and in-kind prizes supporting the further development of the winning solutions, such as incubation services, business support, marketing support, concept validation, technical support, and many more. The overall Galileo Masters winner gets another EUR 10,000 cash prize.


To participate in the Galileo Masters, you have to choose one of the topic-specific Challenges. To double your chances of winning, you also have the option to select one of the regional Galileo Prizes that suits your needs best. Take a look at the challenges and prizes, hit the apply button, and submit your solution.

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