URISA 2014 Salary Survey Data Collection Period Opens

URISA 2014 Salary Survey Data Collection Period Opens

urisaPublished Tuesday, June 17, 2014- The entire GIS community is asked to help develop an important profile of GIS professional activities and compensation by participating in the 2014 URISA GIS Salary Survey. URISA conducts a periodic comprehensive Salary Survey for GIS Professionals. The first Survey was conducted in 1998, with subsequent editions published in 2003, 2007 and in 2011.

The data is currently being collected for the 2014 survey with results expected later this year. As in the past, an Executive Summary will be available on the URISA website for FREE and a comprehensive analysis of the results will be available for purchase.

In addition to salary data presented according to job title, employer type and geographical region, the survey delves into:

How have salary levels changed over the years?
Have GIS departments increased in size?
What non-technical skills are required?
What GIS software proficiencies are necessary?
What benefits do organizations typically offer?
How frequent do GIS professionals change jobs and are job changes within the same sector?
How long is the average workweek?
How has GIS certification impacted salaries?
Are GIS professionals actively pursuing continuing education?
… and much more

The online questionnaire will be active until July 31 and the entire GIS community is invited to participate. The information collected will not be used for additional purposes, nor will URISA seek to personally identify participants nor connect any individuals with specific responses. Results will be presented according to various groupings (by job title, region, type of organization, etc.).

Participants may elect to enter a drawing for one of TEN $100 discount coupons good for any URISA event or product purchase, upon completion of the questionnaire.

Click here to access the online questionnaire.

Quick Hits from 2011:

GISPs, on average, earned $10,000 more than non-GISPs
The average salary of survey respondents was $61,540 – an increase of 2.5%
GIS Managers saw a 3.8% increase in salary in 2011 – from $67,302 to $69,842
Over 65% of respondents are employed within some level of government– from local to federal agencies
Most respondents to this survey hold GIS-related titles, with many possessing management responsibilities
For an Executive Summary of the 2011 Salary Survey results, click here.

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