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Minister of Railways Launches One E-enabled application for Proper Monitoring of all the Railway Projects

Minister of Railways launches one E-enabled application, namely, Project Management & Information System (PMIS) for proper Monitoring of all the Railway projects throughout the country This Application will be able


Railway Land Management Module to Tackle Encroachment Menace

Railways have developed a web-based application called Land Management Module to provide the status of rail land whether encroached or not which would be helpful in tackling the menace of


Drones Will Survey Progress for Railway Project

Indian Railways, for the first time, used drones to inspecting a mega rail project and assess the progress on the ground. These drones, unmanned flying machines, will now be used


ISRO, Indian Railways to Sign MoU Over Remote Sensing and GIS

NEW DELHI: Aiming at effective use of space technology in remote sensing and graphic information system (GIS) based applications, Railways is set to join hands with Indian Space Research Organisation