Let’s Talk About: Educational Resources on Photogrammetry

Let’s Talk About: Educational Resources on Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry enables you to capture three-dimensional models from images taken using digital cameras. The process is carried out using affordable software and gets accomplished in a very automatic manner. That is why most architects, digital artists, archeologists, and landscape planners have developed a keener interest in the subject.

Several educational resources have been established to bridge the ever-growing desire to learn more about the concept by various interested professionals. Below are some of the top resources where you can access relevant learning materials on the subject.

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Webinars take you through several design concepts in photogrammetry. These are often organized by professional designers as well as institutions and can be accessed online. 

You can take advantage of these webinars to learn more about the latest technologies, methodology, and trends in the photogrammetric study. Most webinars are in the form of video demonstrations. They take you through some use cases in the subject as they inspire you to learn more about efficient design tools and strategies.

You can identify organizations that offer a series of webinars on this subject and attend the sessions. Most of them will always list what is to be discussed in their videos, so you will be sure that you are not learning the same topic repeatedly.

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Online Courses

E-learning has become one of the best ways to acquire skills online. Several photogrammetric courses are available online to teach you the entire process from start to finish. 

Each course content focuses on what you wish to know about creating three-dimensional models and processing them using the right tools. Most of these online courses begin by introducing you to the subject and guide you on how to make your models better. 

You can enroll in any of the relevant classes to learn how to make 3D models from scratch or upgrade your skills. 

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Photogrammetry Software

Photogrammetry has been around for many decades. However, many people did not understand more about it because of the limited resources and software tools.

Currently, there are several software programs that you can use to hone your skills in the subject. These come with simple user interfaces that are easy to use. Some of the programs feature step-by-step tutorials that guide you on each topic.

There are several free photogrammetry software tools that you can take advantage of. You may also invest in a premium program that comes with adequate support. A good number of photogrammetry experts are self-taught, having learned the necessary skills through continuous use of relevant software programs.

Study Programs

Basic education in photogrammetry is often obtained from professional training institutes. However, most universities do not offer it as a standalone program but may incorporate it in subjects such as engineering or geomatics. 

Study programs form part of the basic training acquired by engineers, architects, archeologists and planners. The training gives you to understand the fundamentals of photogrammetry in a classroom setting. 

Although such traditional teaching methods are slowly fading, they remain an essential resource for individuals that are interested in learning more about photogrammetric concepts. These courses are also not exhaustive, and you will need to continue learning more about photogrammetry from other sources once you complete them.


Photogrammetry Books

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting publications and books that teach photogrammetry. These are available as hard copies and online as e-books. Books provide you with basic scientific knowledge about photogrammetry. You can always refer to them in case there is something you do not understand.

If you cannot afford to purchase a book, you can use free e-books that offer just the same content. Be sure to select these from reliable sources to avoid reading misleading information.

Having a set of books that cover most aspects of photogrammetry makes learning easier. In case these are in digital form, you can save them in one folder for faster access. 


Photogrammetry is one subject that you cannot learn exhaustively in a traditional lecture room. The most effective way of grasping its skills is through learning-by-doing. With the many resources at your disposal, it is very easy to achieve the best quality and accuracy in 3D modeling without necessarily attending a physical class.

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