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National GIS-enabled Land Bank System to Boost Investments

The Government of India has launched a national GIS-enabled land bank which will facilitates the potential investors to locate and identify the land banks from the comfort of the office.


Full-Day Webinar on Drone Remote Sensing in Agriculture

Indian Society of Agro-Physics in association with ICAR- IARI is organizing one day webinar on Drone Remote Sensing in Agriculture. Hurry last date to apply is August 31, 2020.

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How Google is Using Satellite Imagery for Mapping Wildfires?

Google Earth Engine is at the core of processing satellite imagery for mapping wildfire. The satellite images then processed using Google Earth Engine processing libraries for data analysis.


Collaborative Robots In The Workplace

Collaborative robots or cobots, rather are robots that are built to interact with human beings.


ZEB Go Launches a New Era for Mobile SLAM

There’s a smarter way to map and understand spaces, and it’s called the ZEB Go. The latest member of the ZEB family has arrived, bringing lower cost SLAM to even more people.


OnPOZ Collect and Cloud Mappings Apps for Geospatial Data Collection

OnPOZ Collect is a powerful GIS mapping app that transforms a phone or tablet into a geospatial data collection tool.

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Mangaluru Smart City has gone Live, What does it mean for Residents?

Mangaluru Smart City already using the Integrated Command and Control Center as a war room for the administrators to combat COVID-19 pandemic.


RMSI Appoints Venu Nair as Chief Operating Officer

RMSI has expanded its senior leadership team with the appointment of Venu Nair as Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Photogrammetry Technology

Let’s Talk About: Educational Resources on Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry enables you to capture three-dimensional models from images taken using digital cameras. The process is carried out using affordable software and gets accomplished in a very automatic manner. That


Benefits of Using an Invoice Generator App to Grow Your Small Business

  Using invoice generator applications is very important, and this is because of many reasons that you should know about in detail. We want you to know that the invoices