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The Knowledge Hub for Spatial & Unstructured Data Launches on ProductHunt

On August 21, Unstruk’s flagship product, the Unstruk Data Portal, launched on ProductHunt. Unstruk is the first data portal designed as a knowledge hub for geo-enabled businesses. As part of

Featured Article Remote Sensing

How AI and Aerial Imagery Can Improve Crop Damage Assessments in Agricultural Insurance

About Author Corey Feduck Director of Business Development at Ceres Imaging As extreme weather events continue to increase in frequency, insurance firms are partnering with agricultural technology companies to gain


Geneq Inc Announces the SXblue SMART, the Newest Addition to the GNSS Smart Antenna Line

In an effort to constantly improve its geomatics and surveying product offering, Geneq Inc. has just released the SXblue SMART to meet the requirements of professionals looking for accuracy and