Aspectum Adds Arc Visualization to Its Features

Aspectum Adds Arc Visualization to Its Features

Aspectum, a cloud platform for map-based visualization and analytics, releases a new arc visualization display as part of its growing array of features. The main purpose is to show data connections such as geographical origin and destination of movements. This is relevant for various purposes such as tracking of goods, in particular, as they are being delivered across the globe. Not only physical objects but even digital services and information can be tracked via IP addresses.

On the picture, you may see an example of how it is possible to visualize large amounts of data without turning the map into a mess. This example provides a comprehensive visualization of migration trends between the UK and the entire globe. The data is taken from the 2019 UN migration report. It shows the streams of people relocating within and from Europe.

The report was prepared by the Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs. It was based on data for 232 countries and areas of the world from biennial updates of the International Migration Stock dataset covering the period of 1990-2019, segmented by sex, gender, and countries.

Complex connections require sophisticated displays. Arcs are the best type of layer to show large volumes of complex connections. As seen in the example, the visualization is very complex but the colors are giving the exact image of these relations.

The feature is supported by the ultrafast Mapbox GL JS. The data is transferred via optimized vector tiles. Arcs themselves are built by the multifunctional by Uber.

Aspectum is based in California, creating digital solutions for better visualization of data via geographic information systems. The platform allows creating complex digital mapping displays with maximum ease. All you need to create arcs like these are the points of origin and destination. Additionally, they can be stylized by the column data with adjusted filtering by values and regions.

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