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The Latitude & The Longitude

    All knew about human intelligence. Recently with the advent of Artificial Intelligence being associated with machine development & deployment, a new concept of location intelligence has evolved. A

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Development Is Required but Environment Preservation Is A Concern

    To develop is to move forward. Conserving whatever is left of the Environment is equally important. Development is local/regional. Impact of environmental degradation is global. Development adversely impacts

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Sustainable Agriculture Development using Geospatial Technologies

    Most will be aware of the recent crisis that hit the Agriculture sector wherein despite a scenario of plentiful produce the individual farmer was in acute distress. Sound

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A Smart City for Its Inhabitants with Sustainable Growth

    The term “smart city” has become a familiar word during the past year or two. But as yet few really know what it envisages, how it is to

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GIS & Decision Support Scenarios to Mitigate the Impact of Urban Flooding

    A short spell of rain is enough to create chaos on roads in most urban areas in cities. Assurances by local authorities about preparedness to meet exigencies arising