Indonesia Using Geoportal to Monitor the Condition of Public Infrastructure

Indonesia Using Geoportal to Monitor the Condition of Public Infrastructure

The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing’s Institute of Road Engineering, Agency for Research and Development (Pusjatan) has unveiled a new smart mapping portal called Geoportal Pusjatan, which was designed to help local authorities better monitor the condition of public infrastructure such as roads, highways, bridges and drainages.

Geoportal Pusjatan aims to enhance Pusjatan’s capability to determine the precise condition of public assets and estimate reliable predictions of their future condition.

The portal uses Geographic Information System (GIS) technology – an analytics tool capable of integrating data from multiple business systems, performing advanced analytics to unlock previously hidden insight and delivering a dynamic, interactive map-based view of information.

The Institute of Road Engineering has unveiled a geoportal. Credit: Esri Indonesia

The Institute of Road Engineering has unveiled a geoportal. Credit: Esri Indonesia

This capability allows Pusjatan’s fieldworkers to efficiently collect information on the ground and share it in real-time with decision-makers based in the agency’s headquarters in Bandung.

The portal then provides stakeholders from the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, Ministry of Transportation, Traffic Police Corps, and the National Agency for Disaster Management with a spatially referenced inventory on each asset – the year it was built, current condition, maintenance history, required upgrades and other information needed for decision-making.

This allows all stakeholders involved to have greater awareness of the current conditions of road and bridge networks and a better understanding of infrastructure needs and resources.

Furthermore, the agency will also use the geoportal to provide the public with access to their authoritative data. This will allow users, including those from the private sector, to make important business decisions especially those concerning supply chain and logistics.

“An effective transport system, with functional and well-maintained infrastructure, is crucial to the country’s overall competitiveness and desirability as a location for investment,” Esri Indonesia CEO Bima Priadi said.

“Pusjatan’s use of smart mapping technology means that inspections, maintenance, and renovation of public assets can now be easily coordinated between relevant agencies. More importantly, local authorities are now able to develop strategic plans to ensure public infrastructure is managed sustainably and resilient for many years to come,” Mr Priadi said.

Meanwhile, Nazib Faisal, Head of Monitoring and Evaluation, Pusjatan, Ministry of Public Works and Housing said, “The agency hopes to eventually integrate the data in the Geoportal with the research work done for the Indonesian Road Data Centre Operation (IRODCO) by 2035.”

IRODCO is a research and development project carried out by Pusjatan in partnership with the Korea International Cooperation Agency. It aims to establish a secure storage system that would serve as a database of public works infrastructure from relevant government agencies.

“By doing so, we are equipping government agencies with the capability to more efficiently maximise their resources and ensure budgets spent on public infrastructures are well monitored and accounted for,” Mr Faisal said.

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