Manipur Has Launched ‘Make In Manipur’ and GIS Mapping for Sericulture Activities

Manipur Has Launched ‘Make In Manipur’ and GIS Mapping for Sericulture Activities

manipur-map-indiaImphal Manipur government has launched ‘Make in Manipur’ and GIS mapping for sericulture activities in the region. The move aimed to woo investors and generate employment in the state.

Manipur is one of the North Eastern States in India where unemployment rate is very high in comparison to any other states in the country.

Sericulture is one of the most developed agro-industry in the state, which can generate employment opportunities for the rural and semi urban people with lowest investment cost.

The Ministry of MSME, through the social media sites, informed, “Government of Manipur has launched ‘Make in Manipur’ for employment generation.” It was launched by state chief minister 0 Ibobi Singh on Thursday (Nov. 26, 2015).

The Chief Minister also launched the GIS Mapping for sericulture activities and made citation to SBI, UBI and Manipur Rural Bank for financing aromatic and medicinal plant related activities for which land has already been allotted by Government of Manipur.

The Minister also instructed that the further intervention should be carried out by Fragrance & Flavour Development Centre, Kannauj, the specialised MSME-Technology Development Centre for promotion of aromatic and medicinal plant based MSMEs.

In Manipur, Sericulture has a long tradition and has been practiced by the farmers from time immemorial though on a limited scale.

All the four sectors of Sericulture viz; Mulberry, Eri, Oak Tasar and Muga  have been expanded to all the nine districts of Manipur over past few years through various plan schemes by giving employment to 41958 families on Farm and Non-Farm activities directly and indirectly .

– KNN Bureau

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