Ministry of Public Works of Indonesia Selects SuperSurv

Ministry of Public Works of Indonesia Selects SuperSurv

With the assistance of Supergeo’s reseller in Indonesia- GPS Lands Indosolutions, the Ministry of Public Works and Housing (Kementerian PUPR) of Indonesia has selected SuperSurv for their tasks of spatial data collection.

The early history of this ministry can be traced back to the Ministry of Water Management and Transportation in the Dutch colonial era. The main duties of Public Works and Housing Ministry include water resource management, road management, public housing planning and provision, and related policies research. Now it has about ten departments and is one of the most important ministries for this fast developing country.

For government agencies that are responsible for public works, to ensure the construction follows the original design is not only a good way to avoid disputes but also a smart choice to control the schedule. To achieve this goal, the official often needs to check the location and measure the length of different features, like walls, gates, fences, columns, etc. Integrating GPS and GIS technologies, SuperSurv is perfect choice to meet this kind of needs. Developed by Supergeo Technologies Inc., SuperSurv is a mobile app that can assist users to perform real-time positioning and spatial data editing in the field. Therefore, the official can accomplish the field survey tasks with ease. Besides these basic functions, SuperSurv has many advanced features can further help users achieve their goals even faster, like waypoint setting and management, WMS and WMTS standard support, and NTRIP high-precision positioning service. By applying these functions flexibly, the field supervisors can manage the construction project more efficiently as well as ensure the quality of the public work.

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