Nepal Telecommunications Authority to Use GIS to Map Infrastructure

Nepal Telecommunications Authority to Use GIS to Map Infrastructure

Nepal_Telecommunication_Authority_LogoIn recent news, the Government of Nepal is planning to implement GIS technology to map and prepare digital database of telecom infrastructure.

The entire programme will focused at maintaining digital records of all telecomm related infrastructures, including optical fibre, towers and base transceiver stations (BTS) spread across the country.

The mapping and database will facilitate to quicker update, acknowledgement and identification of locations from where optical fibre is extended, total length of fibre network, no. of towers installed and their locations.

In a bid to develop the database, Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) will hire a consultant as part of its programme for the current fiscal. The consultant to be hired will prepare a GIS-based database and maps of telecommunication infrastructure based on the data provided by NTA and the topographic base map of the Survey Department. Moreover, consultant will also develop a customised GIS-based Telecommunications Infrastructure Management Information System, according to NTA.

NTA said it would give the consultant three months to complete the development of GIS database. “GIS based data will ultimately help us in knowing the geographic areas and planning expansion in service coverage areas,” said Ananda Raj Khanal, acting chief of NTA.


Source: The Himalayan Times



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