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Remote Sensing and GIS for Sustainable Forest Management

The data needed for forest management include wood procurement potential, forest cover, growing stock volume, and biomass carbon balance.

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GIS Resources Magazine (Issue 3 | September 2018): Geospatial Technologies to Preserve and Conserve Forests

GIS Resources Magazine (Issue 3 | September 2018): Geospatial Technologies to Preserve and Conserve Forests September 24, 2018 – GIS Resources, a leading global platform for latest and high-quality information source of the

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Preserve & Conserve Forests for Human Wellbeing

    Forests are a resource. Minerals are also a resource. Minerals are mined for development hence forests can also be exploited for development. This seems to be the logic


FAO Launched New Tools for Reporting on World’s Forest Resources

Rome/Toluca – March 05, 2018 – FAO has launched today a new online platform for reporting on the status and trends of the world’s forest resources. The platform enables countries to increase the

Remote Sensing

Safeguarding Sustainability Through Forest Certification Mapping

Using forest biomass products–such as timber, fuel wood, or paper–in a sustainable manner, without exhausting resources or diminishing forest biodiversity, requires transparency on the origin and management of those forests.


New Forests to Manage its Asian-Based AFI Investment with Trimble’s Connected Forest Solution

SUNNYVALE, Calif., March 22, 2017—Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced today that New Forests, a Sydney-based sustainable real assets investment specialist, will implement Trimble’s Land Resource Manager (LRM) solution to manage its


LiDAR Scanning Can Help Identify Structurally Heterogeneous Forest Areas

The inequality of tree sizes in a forest is an important factor affecting its structure and ecology. Forest management practices favouring natural regeneration can result in greater heterogeneity and complexity


3D Measurements of Forest Areas

A tangle of treetops and branches, through which just the occasional clear area provides glimpses of the trunks and roots growing below. Whether it is woodland with German spruces or