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Take Your Next Business Presentation Virtual

Virtual business meetings have been on the rise with many people now working from home and away from their usual office settings. Business people are now meeting with their clients


New Company Name and Vision Grounded in Market Growth and Planned Expansion

Critigen, an international leader in spatial technology, today announced it has rebranded as Locana, communicating an expanded vision of location intelligence as well as accelerated plans for product and service offerings.


TatukGIS Releases SDK for ASP.NET Core

TatukGIS has released the ASP.NET Core edition of its GIS Developer Kernel (DK) product for developing custom web GIS applications for Windows, Linux, and macOS servers (including Docker). Support includes application development


What You Need To Know Before Buying a SEO Service

So, you want to hire an SEO service? That’s great! But before you do, it’s important you know what they do and how much their services will cost. Finding an affordable

Featured Article Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing and GIS for Sustainable Forest Management

The data needed for forest management include wood procurement potential, forest cover, growing stock volume, and biomass carbon balance.