TatukGIS Announces Kernal 11 of its GIS Developer Kernel (DK) for ASP.NET Web Forms

TatukGIS Announces Kernal 11 of its GIS Developer Kernel (DK) for ASP.NET Web Forms

GIS-tools-Gis-mapping-softwareTatukGIS is a leading geospatial technology company that makes an advanced level, general-purpose GIS mapping software development kits used by companies in a wide range of industries to develop custom GIS tools or GIS applications or add GIS functionality to existing products.

TatukGIS offers GIS mapping software development kits (SDK) product editions designed for most development platforms, with no technology favoured over another. Each SDK edition is highly similar, with essentially the same comprehensive object-oriented API for professional GIS development.

Recently TatukGIS has announced version 11 of its GIS Developer Kernel (DK) for ASP.NET Web Forms, enabling customers to upgrade their web GIS development and applications to the latest TatukGIS technology and features.

The second iteration of this product designed for MVC and .NET Core framework remains under development and is expected soon.

This upgrade adds support for recent features and improvements including:

  • Styling and rendering improvements, including extended line styling
  • 700+ item SVG symbol library
  • Redesigned and extended support for pixel operations and grid analysis
  • Raster layer mathematics, including multiple channels, multiple layers, math formulas, conditional expressions, etc.
  • Layer statistics
  • Data classification
  • Operation pipelining
  • Vector-to-grid interpolation algorithms for Kriging, IDW, Splines, and Heatmaps
  • Grid-to-polygon conversion, for vectorizating classified grids to polygons
  • Viewshed, Above-Ground-Level (AGL) visibility, and Fresnel zone analysis
  • Dynamic shapes aggregation for simplified data presentation

Learn more about TatukGIS and its SDK edition designed for web GIS development at:  www.tatukgis.com

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