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Featured Article Global Positioning System

Everything You Need To Know About GPS L1, L2, and L5 Frequencies

There are three civilian GPS frequencies: L1 at 1575.42 MHz, L2 at 1227.60 MHz, and L5 at 1176.45 MHz. Each frequency has unique properties that make it better suited for certain types of applications.

Featured Article Remote Sensing

How Geospatial Technologies Are Bringing Another Green Revolution In India

By integrating spatial information with data on crops, irrigation, weather, and soil characteristics, researchers can develop models that help farmers optimize their production. In this way, geospatial technologies are bringing another green revolution in India.

Geo Events GIS

Esri India Young Scholar Contest (2022) for Indian Scholar to Showcase GIS Project

Esri India is hosting an open contest for Indian Young Scholars 2022, to identify the one who will be able to showcase a GIS Project in front of a live

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How to Start a Top Overwatch Team

Overwatch is a game that has made huge strides in the gaming community. Created by Blizzard Entertainment, this first-person shooter (FPS) is a team-based multiplayer game. The game features a wide

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Give Away! 3 WingtraOne Drones for Projects that would contribute to the Good of the World

If you are someone inspired to complete a project that would contribute to the good of the world, here is your chance to win a WingtraOne GEN II drone. Wingtra

Featured Article LiDAR

UAV LiDAR Technology in Forest Management

This case study from Routescene demonstrates the value of UAV LiDAR derived point cloud data for operational forest management.


How APIs Can Improve Building and Architectural Design

As technology evolves, our structures and lifestyles transform with it. We went from living in mud houses to brick to concrete and wood. As new methods are used, new types